Monday, January 2, 2012

Why don't you believe me that it is changing?

I have run into a couple of people who have had a chance to see me present the Velocity of Change presentation and they don't believe that technology change is going to affect them. So I have had a couple of weeks of down time and during these times my mind has a chance to wander and work on these challenges.

It came to me while I was doing some laundry. (OK lets face it, it is rare for me to do this.) What came to me was that during the first 30 years of my life (Or a bit more) the machines that wash and dry clothes have changed very little. Top load, capacity has changed a bit, water needs a bit. Then you see these new machines that are front load, steam, dry very fast, measure the dirt in the clothes and the dampness when drying. And of course the energy consumption has changed quite a bit. Most of this has changed in the last 10 years! Just one example of the speed of change.

Why have other devices not changed? If you have read this blog you know my problem with the Refrigerator. (While on this topic, why has the RF ID not taken off? RF ID would allow the checkouts to work by wanding your card and knowing what is in it. How many hours could be saved in the store if this technology was used. Better yet, then my re-fridge could know what was in it and do inventory for me suggesting my needs weekly?) Anyway also what about the dish washer. Just ask my parents that recently bought a new one and it takes over 2 hours to wash dishes. WHY?

One of the largest claims every year on insurance is water damage by these devices. From failed hoses, valves and more. Why not put these sensors on them and alert us? The sensors are low cost... Why not let them have wireless connections alerting me when they are done? They are so quiet you can't hear them. If you set off their buzzer then you wake the kids. Text me.

So progress is being made. I just read about a machine that you only add detergent every 6 months or so. ABOUT TIME! Now, time for the Dish Washer and others.

Another device that spent a lot of time not changing then changed fast. The TV. Remember the console? I guarantee my kids have no idea what that is. Anyway for the first 20 plus years of my life we had a console. It lasted forever, you called someone to repair it and it was a piece of furniture. Not any more. Most TV's are throw away after a few years and they change so fast you want the new one. Apps, Internet, Thinner, 3D, HDMI and more.

The question is for me is why buy one with all the apps when there is no standard for them. Every manufacturer has their own. Almost all Cable providers require their own box, You need game systems, receivers, streaming boxes and such and they are all low cost (OK Most) Why not give me a "Display" with a couple of HDMI ports and I will have the other devices (Google TV, Receiver and more) develop the content. This way I can upgrade my technology for $100 without changing the TV every 3 years.

I know, I got pretty wordy for the first of the year. However If I am going to give any projections for 2012 it will be change, Rapid Change.

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