Thursday, November 10, 2011

Doing a presentation about Sales today

After spending many years in sales and more specifically IT sales I have found many things to be different from company to company. From product mix to management. However there are some trends when looking at sales.

Many times there are obstacles to selling that nobody realizes until it is too late

In IT many times we over engineer solutions. If we are 80% correct then we are more likely to make more money than engineering everything.

Process, Process, Process. You need a consist ant process yet allowing for employees to bring their own personality. If you can't name it and more importantly if your employee can not name it, it is broke.

Too much to sell! I know, that is opposite of what you usually sell. However you need to narrow the solutions so that focus can be brought.

These are just a few topics I will be speaking about. It will be fun, entertaining and of course have value.

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