Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 4 Orlando

Finished up the HTG3 group today. We went off agenda and instead of breaking up sales and the rest of the group we stayed all together. If I was to go back in time, I would not do this again. We had over 30 people in the room and this was way too many strong personalities. We did manage to have a productive meeting, I just feel that it could have been more productive (In fact double the productivity) if we would have had two rooms. Hey, live and learn.

Ended the evening with the NTS guys who recently lost their leader Scott suddenly. They are working to ensure they have the right mix of sales and products. I was involved in a SWOT of their company in 2010. I wish the best to them to build the future. This just shows the importance of a disaster plan for you personally.

We then went straight from HTG to IT Nation. That is the ConnectWise annual conference. They do CRM software for IT companies. I will be speaking at this conference over the next couple of days. What a great start to the meeting catching up with my friend Raja from London, Fuzzy from Australia and many others.

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