Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It is all in the presentation (Again)

As I had a chance to sit in on many breakouts, it continues to amaze me that many of the manufacturers pay people lots of $'s and yet they have some of the worst presentations. An example is when I sat in a breakout having to do with security (Think firewalls). There were three different manufacturers (Competitors) which is different, usually each manufacturer has their own breakout. This was good, I figured that they would point out their differences. I was wrong. Each of the three got up and basically did the same presentation. Security is important, we are the best, we are here for you and you can make money.

Well people, after listening to all three, I could not tell you one thing that was different other than each company had different graphics designers (Their slides looked different but said the same thing.

You would think the last presenter of three would get up and ditch their canned presentation and give their product differences. Hey, even if it was tech speak, at least it was different!

If I was going to make one of these presentations, I would do the following;

1. Start with the differentiators.
2. Provide specific success stories with VAR's
3. Show how existing VAR's have made and continue making money with my product
4. Have one of those VAR's give a testamonial.
5. Quick and to the point
6. Specific follow up items for those who are interested. Have people in the room to capture information, sign dealers up then, make business happen.
7. Make this all informational and entertaining!
8. Do not continue speaking if you have said everything you have. Just end.

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