Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As seen on TV

They have that show (I believe it is with a guy called Holmes) where he goes in to help people who have been taken by bad contractors. You know, contractors that do not do work up to code, start and do not finish, wire an entire house to one breaker, pipe the sewage directly into the basement and such.

I love that show. He shows how much work it is to fix something done poorly in the first place where it probably would be easier to start new!

I figured that we need that type of show in the IT world. Pictures and such of IT work done poorly.

Wiring and cabling
Using home products in the corporate network (Think XP Home)
No backup (Or poor backup)
Telling people "That's just the way it works"
Printers at every desk, but the one on your desk is someone else's
Instead of recommending new equipment they keep fixing old the old stuff (One part at a time) and of course sending you a bill each time
Selling out of date equipment

Maybe this poor install and configuration just runs in business. Next time you need anything fixed.

Small motors
or anything else

Find a qualified, certified person. Not the cheapest!

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