Sunday, August 14, 2011

What is Wrong with Me Sonos Review

So we built the house 6 or so years ago and I remember when we built it not thinking I would want whole house audio. I strung over 7 thousand foot of Cat 6, 2 thousand feet of RG6 and 2 racks, battery backup...

What was wrong with me. Now I want Whole house audio and have been checking into what it would take. For a non integrated (IE independent system that does not work with my network, security system or anything else for that matter) you are looking at around $3k.

I then looked at my favorite source of audio equipment, Crutchfield Sure you could buy it at a lower cost, however they won my business over 10 years ago when I ordered some equipment and it came in DOA. I called them up and almost no questions asked, they Next Day shipped me a new unit, told me to put the defective unit in the box to send back. Sure, I try and buy local, however some equipment is not available in Hays.

What I found at Crutchfield was a company called Sonos. Rarely do you find a company with almost no bad reviews. I checked the maybe one review that was bad and it was still complimentary of the product, they may have had a problem with shipping or other.

It is expensive...However it says it takes 5 minutes to set up (They all do) and it actually took less! It is a wireless system that sounds incredible, and I am picky on my sound. Many people have commented that it sounds better than their Bose systems or other high end Polk Audio systems. I agree. It can be controlled by my computer, phone, iPad and by the buttons on the front of the unit. I cannot wait to expand the system. We will see after Jen sees the bill! :)

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