Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I love you Chrome, I hate you Chrome

First of all for all of my non techie friends what is Chrome? Yes it is what bumpers used to be, but in this case it is Google's web browser. It replaces that e on you computer that gets you to the web (You know, that www. thing)

Loren suggested I try it and I have and really like it. It works well for this blog, google docs and much more. However, Microsoft has clearly written some parts of its world in language that will not work with Chrome. I have found several sites that just don't work with Chrome.

So for right now I am going to stick with both. Maybe in the future I will be able to use Chrome alone. As for my non techie friends, stick with the e.


Brian said...

I agree - there are some things that just don't work well with chrome. For most of those I use the free IE tab add-on. It's worth checking out.

Ro said...

I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. chrome. HATE that Connectwise Activity Capture does not work with Chrome. Then again it's not working with the latest CW upgrade anyways....