Friday, July 1, 2011

Saving some money and MP3's so I actually own the music!

I have to be honest, iTunes works really well. However the whole pay $1.29 per song and then it being protected so I could not share it how I wanted was really getting to me.

You say, where can't you use the music? Well, pretty much anywhere other than on an Apple device. I sync my Android phone with iTunes via Double Twist which works great, however only with the non-protected songs. Here comes my solution!

Amazon MP3 store works great. The small application that automatically installs and then automatically adds the songs to iTunes. Best part? The songs are in MP3 and are lower cost than iTunes! Double win!

And as a bonus you get 5 GB of Cloud storage from Amazon. There is a cool app that you can use on the PC and Android that streams from the cloud. Sweet! I am trying out Google's version of the cloud, right now I know you can sync from the cloud to a local device that is nice. We will see...

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