Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The new HP Tablet with WebOS

So I had a chance to spend about 5 minutes with the new tablet and here are some of the observations;

Screen is good and accurate. It has a water drop that happens when you touch the screen. Nice touch.

It feels significantly heavier than iPad, several people noted that. It is only fractionally heaver. Not sure why it feels that way.

It is all plastic. More importantly it is that shiny plastic. It shows fingerprints more than the screen. It will scratch quickly and show! The iPad is much better here.

The OS interaction feels and acts good.

Wireless reception is superior to all tablets I have seen yet. It was picking up wireless from across the street.

Only 16 and 32 GB options. Where is the 64?

Charging plug is standard Micro USB. Nice. Many people have cell phones with the same connection.

Number of apps small. Many are not HD. App store is easy to navigate.

I will update when we have a chance to get deeper with the unit.

1 comment:

Sales Guy said...

Do you have one?
I got the charger and the case.
Really like the email and calendar better than IPad.
So far - liking it a lot (even though apps are lite).