Wednesday, May 25, 2011

iPad 1 Versus iPad 2

So I have had the iPad 2 for a month and decided it is time to let everyone know the differences.

The iPad 2 is;
Front Camera
Back Camera
Dual Core Processor
Then new "Smart" cover
Tapered edges

These are the real differences
What have I noticed performance wise between them? The new iPad is faster. Web surfing, loading applications and mail. Maybe in the realm of 25 to 40% faster. I have no real purpose for the cameras, however it is nice. The battery is the same, screen is the same and the applications are the same.

Bottom line question is "Is the new iPad worth upgrading from the iPad 1?" Well, if you are a heavy user maybe. Am I satisfied with this? Yes. However the iPad 1 is a great value at the decreased price.

Drawbacks? I wish the "Smart" Cover was not so expensive and the covers and such from 1 would work on 2.

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