Monday, January 17, 2011

Bringing the focus

One of the topics I feel like I have been discussing in sales quite a bit lately is bringing the focus. An example of that may be a customer that requests 3 to 6 "Proposals". Sure, I have done the work to do this, but usually it is a huge waste of time.

It is our job in sales to provide the right solution. That may have some options at the end, yet those options may simply be color or looks. You have some key ingredients to every sale that you must have to make it work. You know you cannot skip these pieces. Start there.

If customers start wanting all these options, then you probably have not done your job. That is to simplify the buying, not make it more complex. Many times if you walk into a retail store and there are so many choices that you are overwhelmed, you will simply want to go "Study" and be back. As we have discussed in this blog before, the "Be back bus" is not coming back.

Find the budget, time frame and decision maker. Work with the customer to find the correct solution and bring focus.

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