Friday, December 31, 2010

Time off

Me and the boys have been holding down the Fort here in Hays. From cleaning, grocery shopping, errands and more! I think we even did a good job.

I will be ready to go back to "Work"

One thing that really has not changed in 50 years or more is the grocery shopping. Sure the check outs are faster with computers and such. However, I think it is time for a basic change in the way it is handled.

How about I submit my order for next week via on line and they either deliver it, or I go pick it up. They could build meals ready to go. In other words have a weeks worth of meals that you select and then they get all you need for the meal. You could take it even further to automate this system with the involvement of your pantry and fridge. They could talk to your "Home network" and keep inventory. With the coming of RFID tags replacing the simple bar code, you could have the fridge check your expiration dates inside, and know what is in it!

Think of the potential change in the way the store does business. They no longer have to maintain huge stores, just smaller ones to handle those "Emergency" needs and the Riat family could pick up a couple of hours per week of productivity (Or time with the boys)

Sure, the store may lose the impulse buy, but think of the reduction in shrink.

I have several details that probably need ironed out of the plan.

Anyway, guess that is what I come up with when I have time on my hands!

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