Friday, December 24, 2010

Remembering Everything

I watched a show on 60 minutes last weekend on how some people (Very Few) could remember almost everything in their lives. That is ask them where they were and what they were doing on some random date 22 years ago and they could tell you down to the details. This was fascinating since I cannot remember exactly what I was doing at this time yesterday!

What a handy thing this would be for taking tests, remembering people and impressing everyone. However there may have been a few drawbacks. There were 6 people who had been identified that had this ability, 5 were single. Jenifer can remember enough, everything would be a problem.

However would it be nice to think back to every Christmas eve and recall the memories! Of course when they were speaking with this group, the compared dates to each other to determine which one was better. That would be tough.

Guess forgetting can make memories better.

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