Friday, November 26, 2010


Have quite a few books in the cue on the Kindle app along with some old school books. One of those paper books I was given at the ConnectWise conference and was a great read. Bounce (The art of turning tough times into triumph) by Keith McFarland. He spoke at the CW conference, he was a good presenter and had some great content. Interesting thing is his presentation was not the book. This was a pleasant surprise. Both the book and the presentation were great usually presenters with books simply put their book into their presentation. This was not the case, the presentation was new and extra content.

The one common theme was contrary to some popular beliefs about "getting the right people on the bus" and like Keith, I am tired of hearing this statement. Rather what his studies have lead him to was not getting the right people rather getting the people right! I could go into lots of discussions around this, rather I am suggesting you read this book. It has a great story and speaks directly to some companies that are struggling today.

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