Thursday, October 21, 2010

No trips to the Emergency room,

The House did not burn down, the cops were not called and the children did not starve. Jenifer, our neighbor Fanny and friends went down to a Country and Western concert (Yuck) They saw Carrie Over the Woods and the guy who sings that song about God being Great, and beer being good. (Heard that one before, however is not quite as appropriate when sung in public by a 4 year old)

And yes, Kevin and I (Kevin being Fanny's husband)got the kids to school on time, fed, to religion and practices and even a birthday party. If I would have had any more direction you would have thought I was landing a Boeing 737 for the first time.

Everyone can now sleep easier, Jen and Fanny are back and in charge. I suppose, maybe just for a second, we all missed them.

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