Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pet Peeves?

We were talking about them today and it was pointed out today that I have a few.

Bad driving
Messy Car
Back Stabbers

OK there were so many more. Then I was thinking that recently my pet peeve is bad mark ting. I have seen some really bad stuff. There has been a compute company that clearly has paid for some post cards. They are "ok" at best post cards, the issue is that they must have paid every distribute to send them out. So in today's mail I received 7 post cards and 3 of them were the same.

The message was not great to begin with. However it is starting to look desperate when you get 7 in one day (Each from a different distributor/seller)

Be original, make it fun, have a specific point.

1 comment:

Rod Franken said...

My pet peeve? Not proofing or using spell check! Geez - really?