Sunday, November 16, 2008

The experience

As usual I feel completely worn out after 2 days of HTG3. Working on life plans, new ideas in the industry and identifying struggles that will be coming. While I am worn out, in some way it is also recharging. I look forward to getting back and ratcheting it up a couple of notches.

I did have a chance to sight see. Rodeo Drive, Hollywood sign, Santa Monica pier, Universal Studios and more. Once in a life time opportunity to see these things. And yes, saw a man in a wedding dress, people dressed up as batman, Captain Jack Black and lots of other “Unique” individuals. However there weren’t as many odd things as I expected.
I would come back, 80’s for the weather, nice people, not quite as expensive as I had anticipated what else could you want.

Now for the new strange fashion. I am starting to wander if this is a sales blog or a fashion blog. Clearly a poor example of the last. Women wearing shorts and winter boots. You know the kind that you would wear in a snow storm. This looks strange to me and HOT. Oh well to each their own. I am sure I will see this in Kansas soon.

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Stuart R. Crawford said...

Hi Steve, it was great to see you again and I am bit sad that we will not be meeting quarterly any longer. Life goes on and eventually all good things come to an end.

I will always be inspired be you.

Stuart Crawford
In San Diego